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  • Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yorke actuators automates ball, butterfly, plug, valves and any other 900 rotating mechanisms
  • Independently certified to BS 5490:1977
  • IP66 for water ingress protection (CBA certified to IP67M)
  • Pneumatic output torques: Double-acting models – to 11,560 lbs-in (1,360 Nm)
  • Break spring-return models – to 4,561 lb-in (515 NM) spring ends
  • Standard pneumatic operating pressures to 150 PSIG (10 BAR) and 3,000 PSIG (207 BAR) Hydraulic
  • Standard operating temperatures is -200 F to +2000 F (-290C + 930C) optional trims available
  • 00F to 3500F (-180C to 1770C), -400F to 1800F (-400C to 820C)
  • Manual overrides are available to ensure reliable valve control in the event of power loss
  • Symmetrical mounting pads allow field reversal of spring-return actuator failure mode with no disassembly required (CW or CCW)




  • Unique and compact range of hydraulically operated double and fail safe spring-return actuators
  • Simple helical spline piston design with a minimum of components
  • Balanced concentric design applying no side/bending forces on valve stem
  • Built-in fixed valve stops to prevent incorrect adjustments
  • Output torques 4,000,000 lb-in (404,000 Nm)
  • Standard operating pressures to 3,000psi (207 bar)
  • New R-Series Hydraulic Actuator Compact and Concentric
  • Suited for marine environments and application with limited space
  • Models for choice of supply pressure either 1500 or 3000 PSIG (103 to 207 BAR)
  • NAMUR standard accessory mounting
  • Direct mounting or close coupling to valve top-works
  • Tested for water ingress to IEC 59, IP code 68
  • No additional lubrication or maintenance required
  • Output torques (guaranteed minimum)
  • Double acting – from 2832lb-in (320 Nm) to 3,449,000 lb-in (186 Nm) to 1,457,686 lb-in (164,720 Nm)



  • Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yorke actuators automates ball, butterfly, plug valves and any other 900 rotating mechanisms
  • Independently certified to BS 5490: 1977
  • IP66 for water ingress protection
  • Output torques: Double-acting models – to 50,331 lb-in
  • (5,687 Nm) Break
  • Spring-return models – to 18,044 lb-in (2,039 Nm) Spring End
  • Standard operating pressures
  • Pneumatic – to 200 PSIG (14 BAR)
  • Hydraulic – to 3,000 PSIG (207 BAR)
  • Standard operating temperatures -200F to + 2000F (-290C to +930C) Optional trims available
  • 00F to 3500F (-180C to + 1770C)
  • -500F to 1800F (-460C to +820C)
  • Mechanical and hydraulic overrides are available




  • An integrated package of field-proven control components for direct high pressure natural gas service
  • Features Bettis G-Series new generation technology and industry recognized Shafer controls
  • XylanTM cylinder coating and surface conversion processes provide excellent corrosion resistance
  • Enclosed heavy-duty cast ductile iron housing
  • Water ingress protection to IP67M assures no internal corrosion
  • NAMUR standard accessory mounting
  • Rated for continuous operation to 1500 PSIG



  • Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yorke actuators automates ball, butterfly, plug valves, as well as louvers, dampers and other 900  rotating mechanisms
  • Five year standard warranty
  • Powr-SwivlTM – compensates for side load deflection, thus reducing wear on the load deflection, thus reducing wear on the rod, bearings and seals which increases cycle life
  • Tension-LokTM positively locks the spring module in place under load, a major safety feature
  • AcculineTM Shaft Drive – eliminates damage to switch drive misalignment, helping to ensure classification integrity
  • Shaft driven accessory interface conforms to NAMUR standard. One size fits all
  • Interchangeable modules may be inventoried, serviced and tested independently a major service advantage
  • Compact, optimum center of gravity, shorter and lighter than previous similar models
  • MSS and ISO valve mounting as standard when applicable this eliminates special mounting adaption by allowing for direct mounting to valve
  • Predictive maintenance – replaceable bearings and soft goods allow replacement based on wear ratings and service and service conditions
  • Highly corrosion resistant to atmospheric and power gas contaminants
  • Submersible, consult factory
  • Meets IP66 and IP67M for water ingress protection making the G-Series almost impervious to contamination from process and atmospheric conditions
  • Output torques (guaranteed minimum) double acting models – to 6,000,000 lb-in (678,000 Nm) spring-returns models – to 3,000,000 lb-in (339,000 lb-in)
  • Standard operating pressure: pneumatic: 40 to 200 PSIG (3 to 14 BAR), Hydraulic: 500 to 5,000 PSIG (34 to 345 BAR)
  • Standard operating temperature is -20F to +200F (-290C to +930C) Optional trims available
  • 00F to +3500F (-180C to + 1770C)
  • -500F to +1800F (-460C to +820C)



  • Pneumatic and hydraulic scotch-yorke actuators
  • Compact and lightweight for automating virtually any quarter – turn (900) rotating mechanism
  • Water ingress protect, meeting both IP66 and IP67M specification
  • Has NAMUR top-works for standardization and direct or close coupling of accessory hardware
  • ISO/DIN bottom mounting allows close coupling or actuator directing mounting to the valve top-works
  • Output torques: Double-acting models to 22,000 lb-in (2385 Nm), spring-return models to 9,271 lb-in (1,047 Nm) spring ends
  • Standard operating pressures to 150 PSIG (10 BAR) Pneumatic and 3,000 PSIG (207 BAR) Hydraulic
  • Standard  operating temperature is -200F to +2000F (-290C to +930C)
  • Operating trims available for continuous high temperatures to +3500F (+1770C) and low temperature -400F (-400C)
  • Bi=-directional travel stops standard
  • Jackscrew manual override and Extended Travel Stops are optional



  • Quality TorqPlus electrical motor actuators automate quarter-turn applications – ball, butterfly and plug valves, dampers and vents
  • Guaranteed output torques from 100 lb-in to 100,000 lb-in (11 Nm to 1,130 Nm)
  • Maximum duty cycle – standard motor duty cycle for actuators with torques as low as 350 lb-in through 10,000 lb-in torque is 100%. Other torques available with 75% duty cycle but, none less than 50% in all available motor voltages
  • CSA certified enclosures are offered in both non-hazardous plus hazardous (type 4 & 7) construction
  • Modular design allows an almost endless possibility of control options and field modifications
  • Operating speeds are available from 2 seconds to 60 seconds per 900 rotations
  • Operating temperatures range from -400F to +1400F (-400C to 600C)
  • Compact design provides a maximum output torque in the smallest package



  • Gas/Hydraulic scotch-yorke and linear actuators automates ball, plug and gate valves utilizing line gas pressure
  • Sour gas trim optional
  • Output torques to 6,000,000 lb-in (678,000 Nm) break
  • Standard operating pressure to 1,440 PSIG (100 BAR)
  • Standard operating temperature is -500F to 1500F (-460C to +660C)
  • Features include: zero-leakage piston and rod seal; manual pump for emergency operation
  • Many control system options are available including remote control, high/low shutoff and linebreak


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