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Series 2000 electric actuators have been setting industry standards for ruggedness and reliability for more than 50 years in installations around the globe. Multi-turn models deliver torque capacities up to 10,000 ft.-lbs. (13,560 Nm), thrust up to 350,000 !bs. (1,560 kN), and output speeds ranging from 3 to 240 rpm. Quarter-turn units handle up to 150,000 ft.-lbs. (203,400 Nm] of torque, and provide operating stroke times ranging from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.


Designed for gate & globe type valves, these multi-turn pneumatic actuators achieve torque capacities of 1,200 ft.-lbs. (1,625 Nm), and thrust capabilites of 95,000 Ibs. (425 Kn) using rotary vane air motors. For quarter-turn valves, a torque range exceeding 70,000 ft.-lbs. is achievable. Local handwheel manual override can be used when air pressure is lost-a major benefit. Control options range from local manual control to both single-and double-acting remote pneumatic or electric control.

Remote valve position indication is optional.


Ettl's manual operators include units for both buried (WB) and above-ground service (WO). Both lines are manufactured with an emphasis on durability, as evidenced by the cast ductile iron main housing, the one-piece worm gear drive sleeves and the solid steel worm shafts. Self-locking worm gears prevent back-drive, and a removable spline bushing ensures an easy fit to valve. Units can be easily converted in the field to power actuation


This onboard control package is modular, allowing users to add specific capabilities to the actuator as needed. Individual plug-in modules include a limit switch module, modulating controls ... even modules that allow digital communication with the actuator. Each of these upgrades can be installed without removing the package from the actuator enclosure. The M2CP design allows not only easy expansion of control capability, but also simple field serviceability.


Available network control options soon expanded even further with the introduction of Communication Adapter Modules to support multiple protocols and network topologies. By plugging in a CAM, any EIM valve actuator with the Controlinc Model 320A package can be upgraded to support such diverse protocols as Modbus RTU, Modbus Plus, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus DP


This new microprocessor-based variation of the Series 2000 offers Total Electronic Control. Building upon its predecessor's solid foundation and mechanical torque sensing, TEC2000 brings a whole array of new common-sense features to the world of intelligent valve actuators. Attributes include a choice of three setup methods, full-function remote control modules that can be mounted 4,000 feet (1,200 m) away, and the largest, easiest-to-read LCD in the industry.


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