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Forged, High Pressure Valves
ANSI 900-4500

The flagship of the Valvtechnologies’ product line, the V1-1, is the valve by which all other metal-seated ball valves are measured. The V1-1 design includes integral seats, RAM™ hard coatings, blowout proof stem and live-loaded packing. Primarily used in high-energy applications in the Power Industry, the V1-1 is available in sizes from 1/2" to 4", and ANSI pressure classes 900 to 4500, including interpolated and special ratings. V1-1valves are manufactured in a variety of forged materials and end connections to meet our customers’ specifications. Most importantly, every V1-1valve for Power Industry applications is backed by our Four-Year Zero Leakage Guarantee.

Low Pressure, Flanged Valves
ANSI 150-600

The V1-2 valve applies our core design concepts to industrial processes where lower pressure classes are more common. This valve is designed for critical isolation applications in Hydrocarbon Refining and Processing, Mining, Oil & Gas Production, Pulp & Paper and other industries. The V1-2 is available in pressure classes 150 to 600, sizes 1/2" to 36", and in virtually any cast or forged material. The valve can be custom designed to include special end connections, purge ports, cavity fillers, cryogenic stem extensions, fugitive emission bonnets, abrasion resistant linings and many other process-specific options. Furthermore, the standard V1-2 design is fire safe to the API 607 Rev. 4 fire test standard.

Investment Cast Valve
ANSI 150-600

The V1-3 is an investment cast valve that incorporates the Valvtechnologies core design into a smaller package. Primarily used in low-pressure drain applications, the V1-3 is available in ANSI pressure class 150 to 600, in sizes 1/2" to 2” and in both full and reduced-port configurations. End connections are typically butt weld or socket weld, or can be adapted to our customers’ specifications. As with all of the Valvtechnologies product line, the V1-3 features RAM® hardcoatings, a blow-out proof stem, live-loaded packing and absolute zero leakage. Valvtechnologies specialty products can meet the needs of customers’ unique process applications.

High Pressure Large Bore Valves
ANSI 900-4500

The V1-4 category extends our core design concepts to larger diameter and higher pressure applications. This valve is designed for critical isolation applications in the Power Industry, Hydrocarbon Refining and Processing, Mining, Oil and Gas Production and other industries. The V1-4 is available in ANSI pressure classes 900 to 4500, in sizes 4” to 36” and in virtually any material with pressure containing parts made from forgings. Standard end connections are butt weld and flanged or valves can be custom designed to include special end connections; as well as purge ports, cavity fillers, fugitive emission bonnets, abrasion resistant linings and many other process-specific options.

Severe Service Control Valve
ANSI 150-4500

The Xactrol™ product group unites Valvtechnologies’ zero-leakage technology with special designs that allow rotary modulating control. From Mark I design that features a characterized upstream seat, to the Mark III’s precision engineered stacked disks, the Xactrol™ allows the customer to combine precise flow control with tight shutoff. The Xactrol™ is typically used in applications where minimum flow and relatively high differential pressures are required. It is available in sizes from 1/2" to 36" and in pressure classes ANSI 150 to 4500.

Parallel Slide Gate Valve
ANSI 900-4500

The Valvtechnologies’ Parallel Slide Gate Valve (PSG) addresses the need for true in-line valve reparability in large diameter, high-energy piping systems. Specifically designed for steam and feedwater applications, the PSG provides bi-directional zero-leakage using the RAM™ coating systems. It is available in sizes 10” to 36", pressure classes ANSI 900 to 4500, and can be manufactured in any material. When used in Power Industry applications, the PSG carries the Valvtechnologies Four-Year Zero-Leakage Guarantee.

Electronic Relief Valve
ANSI 150-4500

The Valvtechnologies Electronic Relief Valve (ERV™) is the answer to the need for a zero-leakage, pilot-operated relief valve. The ERV package combines Valvtechnologies’ zero-leakage isolation valve with electronic controls to monitor and regulate system pressure. Whether in a capacity-relieving function requiring the ASME V-stamp, or simply in an overpressure protection application, the Valvtechnologies ERV™ provides reliable protection for standard safety valves in many industries. Valvtechnologies can also provide an integral isolation valve, eliminating the need for costly field welding.

Turbine Bypass System

The Valvtechnologies Turbine By-Pass System (TBS) is designed for the new generation of combined-cycle power plants. It combines the Xactrol™ control valve design with a state-of-the-art de-superheating control system. The system allows the plant operator to keep the gas turbine and the HRSG on line in the event of a steam turbine trip. The TBS also facilitates fast CT and HRSG start-ups in peaking power plants, and allows these plants to operate at turndow conditions far below the levels that can be achieved.


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